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How do I summarise myself? It's a good question, and the answer always changes depending on my mood. However, I don't actually think it's the best question to kick this blog off with, so I'm going to offer a different one and make it specific to you, the reader: What will you get out of reading this blog?

I write about whatever I desire really, but the main topics are: books, writing and travel around Scotland, so if any of them take your fancy then you should definitely stick around! 

And here's another question that will help inform your decision on whether to stick around or not: Why did I start this blog?


There are two answers to this really. The first is university. I attended the University of Dundee from 2014-2018 and achieved a First Class Honours degree in English Literature & Creative Writing. I started this blog halfway through my university career, as a way to further jot down my thoughts on the books I was reading - but in blog form, not essay form. Also a more recent and very exciting development is that after graduating I managed to obtain a job in publishing - as a Publishing and Editorial Assistant. So I hope to write some posts about my experience of achieving a job post-uni and what I learn as I go. 


The second answer is its purpose, which is to document my passion project - I'm writing a book! I've been working on it for YEARS and first conceived of its idea when I was 10. It's heavily influenced by Scotland, the country I call home, and my travels around the country have become not only research trips, but perfect blogging opportunities!

I'm 24 now, so I've had a LOTTA time for researching and fleshing out plot etc. I'm hoping to get the first draft finished within the next year, and will be aiming to have it published thereafter. So that's pretty exciting, and if you're interested on seeing how THAT process pans out then you will DEFINITELY enjoy following along on this blog.

For now, though, I'm blogging about the things I love - books, writing and Scotland. Hope you enjoy! 




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