About Me


Hi there!


Well I figured I probably should do one of these 'About Me' pages just in case a few of you WERE interested in getting to know me a little better. So far, you probably know more about my aesthetic, but that's what I wanted.


I wanted this blog to not only be a place for all my random book, writing and travel thoughts, but also a site that completely reflects who I am and what I like. That's why the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted there's a lot of stars, and forests, and white marble dotted about my blog. That's because, not only am I interested in literary pursuits, I'm also an avid lover of forest walks and anything celestial. (These interests ALSO play a massive part in my upcoming book, I'm just saying.)


Now, let's move from aesthetic to me as a person. I'm Scottish, 24 years old, an Aries, and I'm from Glasgow. I graduated from the University of Dundee with a First class honours degree in English Literature & Creative Writing, and now I am working as a Publishing and Editorial Assistant. 

My favourite genres to read are dystopian, Victorian classics and fantasy. I am actually writing a fantasy book at the moment that involves the myths, legends and landscape of Scotland, and it is a development of an earlier idea I had when I was 10. I actually completed a short novel when I was 10 around this idea (it was 200 pages) and my parents had it self-published so that was pretty cool. It's not in circulation anymore (loads of mistakes and definitely written by a ten year old!) but I do have a copy that sits pride of place on my bookshelf to inspire me.


I started this blog half way through my university career because I loved talking about books THAT much. Writing essays and class discussions were never boring or a chore. Thinking that deeply into books, author's backgrounds, word choice, theming - everything - is literally one of my favourite past times. I could honestly talk about books for HOURS, and I know my friends can too. So I figured it was about time to start a blog - that way I could discuss to my heart's content, in whichever way I chose to.


So there you have it. A 'brief' summary of me. Hopefully you stick around once you've had a further delve into the mind of Stephanie, by reading my posts! As always, thanks for reading, especially if you've been following me since my very first blog. We've had a lot of makeovers but hopefully this is the one to stay!