Welcome to the literary corner of my blog where I talk all things books! I don't do 'book reviews' as such, more 'book discussions'. Every piece of work by every writer has merit, and so I don't really believe in giving anything a 'star rating'. So I'm not going to do that here. I'm going to do what I used to do in university - discuss. Discuss characterisation, diction, themes, tropes, author's backgrounds, society's influence - whatever I feel like. I find that way more interesting than taking apart a writer's hard work! And to be honest, the amount of times I haven't really been that blown away by a book but I've then gone on to either do further research myself, or someone in class pointed out a different point of view that then in turn changed my opinion - well, let's just say when it comes to books I'm very open minded about having my opinions changed. So, no reviews, no star ratings. Just taking the books as they are and discussing them for what they are. That of course means there will be spoilers so FAIR WARNING. I try not to give away the entire plot in my discussions because I actually think it's a pretty good way to figure out if a book is for you or not, but of course sometimes I am going to have to discuss THAT plot twist or "omg can you believe this character did THAT". So by all means, use my book discussions as a way to inform your decision on reading a book if you haven't already, or if you HAVE read it please please please come and discuss it - disagree with me or agree with me or whatever, let's just have a discussion!


Anyway, you're going to learn on this blog that I love a good ramble and if you're of a kindred spirit then we will definitely get along! Hope you really get something out of this section of the blog, whether it's the inspiration to try a book you've never read before, or maybe to even pick up a book again that you swore would stay on your bookshelf forever, or even finding someone that had the same thoughts and opinions as you! Who knows what you'll get out of this part of the blog really. All I know is I'll be getting a chance to offload all my thoughts and ramblings.

Happy reading!



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Like I said above, I'm all about discussion, so if you have any books you either want to see me discuss on the blog, or you know of a book that you think I would love based on my reading then I'd love to hear from you! Drop me an email by the button below with the subject heading 'Book Recommendations'. Look forward to hearing from you!