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Midnight Sun: What's the big deal?

Forget 2020 because as of next week, it's 2008 again.

Why, you may ask? Because next week the one and only Stephenie Meyer is back with a brand new book - Midnight Sun.

Well kind of brand new.

It's not a new story - it's Twilight again - but this time from the perspective of Edward. In my opinion, that's going to be waaaaay more interesting.

So yeah, all hail Stephenie Meyer for resurrecting 2020 for us 2008 fangirls.

I remember 2008 so well. I had just moved to America at the time, and when I say everyone in my middle school was reading Twilight, I really mean EVERYONE. I can still see the cafeteria, and remember all too well the sleek black cover with the pale white hands holding the apple in every single girl's hands at lunch. My best friend then (and still now) Apshara was the one who got me to read Twilight first and man was I obsessed. I had always been a reader, but it was the first book series that I actually 'fangirled' over (for lack of a better word). It's also what solidified my friendship with Apshara in the first place and also made us both want to write our own books even more. In fact, it inspired us so much that that year we both completed 200 word novels, in subject matter nothing related to Twilight, but definitely inspired by it.

What I loved was how much the book brought people together. I seriously can't stress enough to you how literally every girl in America was reading it, or so it seemed. It made me want to write a book with that kind of power. I get that Twilight has a bit of a reputation - it's popular to hate it - but if you were actually in on it, the atmosphere was great. So yeah, pretty grateful for Twilight (and as an aside, the book is genuinely, really well written if you give it a chance and pretend you haven't seen the films, I'm just saying).

So yeah, exciting times for us old Twilight fans. But Midnight Sun isn't news to me either. Stephenie Meyer was writing Midnight Sun back in my America days (I moved back home to Scotland in 2009) but it became a big controversy. You see, apparently, her manuscript actually got leaked by some 'close friends' all those years ago and it was circulating online. Now, I personally never saw it (for being such a big Twilight fan might I add) and I didn't go looking afterwards either. But then, Stephenie Meyer herself addressed the situation on her own author website. To summarise her view at the time, she basically addressed the fact that, yes, she was writing Twilight from Edward's point of view and yes, some of her 'friends' had supposedly leaked it online. She then wrote that she was so hurt by it that she decided not to complete Midnight Sun, but since some of it was already out there, that she was going to publish it on her own site so people could read it from her. Fair enough, as it was her work (it was only the first three chapters though). However she was clear - she wouldn't be writing any more. I was GUTTED.

Especially since, once she posted it herself, I went and read the first three chapters and realised the story from Edward's perspective was infinitely superior to Bella's in Twilight.

So yeah, imagine a wee 10-year-old me absolutely gutted that my favourite author at the time had put the pen down on an incredible story.

And then imagine present day, 24-year-old me, living through the year that is 2020 like everyone else, and hearing that she's literally FINALLY releasing Midnight Sun next week. I don't know if it will really come across in this post, but let me tell you I am SQUEALING.

It all started one day in May, when we were all very much still in the height of lockdown. I had seen some whispers online that Stephenie Meyer's website had suddenly been updated with a random countdown - there was no explanation as to what it was for, but OG Twilight fans all arrived at the same conclusion - it must be Midnight Sun.

Now, it's been a long time since I personally have engaged with the Twilight socials - you know, since all the movies had been released and the book series had supposedly ended (yeah hi we don't talk about the 10th anniversary edition). But let me tell you, when I saw Midnight Sun trending and found out that there was even the possibility that it had been finished and was due to be published, in this year of all years, man let me tell you - I was bouncing off the walls.

Then comes the final day of the countdown and, lo and behold, it is in fact Midnight Sun. People got so excited they actually crashed Stephenie Meyer's website, and OBVIOUSLY, it was all trending on Twitter and again, I felt like I had been transported back to simpler times in 2008.

So, as I'm writing this, it's Thursday the 30th of July. We are still in a partial lockdown, so I'm still at home, working my way through as many books as I can (expect all the blog posts in the next few weeks). Midnight Sun is due for release on August 4th, so I'll probably receive it the day after and then no one will hear from me again until I've read it. Then I'll write a blog post on it.

Normally, I wouldn't write a blog post about a book until I've actually read it but you have no idea how long I, and others, have waited for this book (Queue a terrible Sirius Black impression). This one is far too momentous (for me anyway) to not document it, pre-reading it and post-reading it (man am I sad). Genuinely, and sad as it may be, it's one of the few things I've been genuinely excited for in 2020. So thanks Stephenie Meyer you absolute queen.

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